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The company organized the

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"I stand on the bridge to see the scenery, and the people watching the scenery look at you upstairs." On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the establishment of Changzhou Luming Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., the company organized two employees to carry out "Meng Liwu Town" with two families. , drunk beautiful rain and rain" collective travel vacation activities. Wuzhen is known as the "Chinese Dream Water Town", one of the four ancient towns of Wuzhen and Jiangnan Water Village. It has the characteristics of "the same ancient town and different Wuzhen". Wuzhen is the first batch of Chinese historical and cultural towns, China. The ten famous towns, the beautiful environment towns and the national 5A-level scenic spots are known as the “China’s last pillow-water family”. They are known as the “land of fish and rice, the house of silk” and carry the oriental etiquette culture that embraces the world. The beautiful culture and natural wonders are fascinating and refreshing. Everyone is in groups of three, laughing and laughing, picking up cameras and mobile phones to take photos, and sharing them with friends and family in the circle of friends and WeChat. The two-day travel vacation not only provides you with a rare relaxation, strong and leisure time, but also helps you adjust your rhythm, accumulate strength, and devote your full enthusiasm to your job.