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Changzhou Lu Ming 5th Fun Games

2019-10-25 1394 time BACK

On the afternoon of May 15th, Changzhou Luming Optoelectronics “The 5th Fun Games” was held in the basketball court of the company’s Qishui Road Industrial Park. More than 50 players from 10 departments of the company and its subsidiaries started to compete.

There are 4 competitions in this year's Games: “Table Tennis Relay”, “Kangaroo Traveling Melon”, “Snowballing”, “Touching the Bricks and Crossing the River”. Each project has its own characteristics and highlights, which test the players. Personal ability, and show the spirit of unity and cooperation of all teams. On the court, everyone was full of enthusiasm, high morale, fierce competition, and brilliant, fully demonstrating the good manners of Jinxing Electromechanical staff's hard work, enhancing the exchanges and friendship between the groups, the level of the competition, the style of the competition, the competition Friendship. Every team and every player participating in the competition touched the hearts of the audience. With the same breath, the fate, cheering, cheering, cheering, one after another, full of this intelligence and physical competition, unity and collaboration.

The success of the Fun Games not only built a healthy sports platform for talents, friendship, and willingness, but also enhanced the communication between employees in various departments, enhanced the cohesiveness of the company's employees, and became the corporate culture of Lu Ming. A beautiful scenery of the building.