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Blast furnace tuyere imaging system
Blast furnace tuyere imaging system
Blast furnace tuyere imaging system
Blast furnace tuyere imaging system

Product name:

Blast furnace tuyere imaging system

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Product introduction:

1.Apply to all kinds of blast furnace.
2.Tuyere for 24 hours constant video surveillance.
3.Probe hood use stainless steel materials, with good corrosion resistance.
4.Tuyere camera probe is very compact and easy to maintain and dismantle. 
5.Probe install behind tuyere mirror spectroscope,through the spectroscope can still achieve manual inspection.
6.Probes can interchange, a camera probe can be installed behind the multiple tuyere mirror, achieve monitoring for the tuyere in need to cutting investment.
7.Lens: high temperature pinhole lens, long focus.
8.Camera: Miniature color camera, high definition, horizontal resolution not less than 2 megapixels
9.Spectroscope: the rear end of the protective cover is equipped with a spectroscope system. In addition to the image displayed by the monitor in the central control room, on-site inspectors can also observe through the spectroscope in real time

10. Nitrogen cooling: Since the front end of the equipment is close to the observation hole and the temperature is high, nitrogen cooling is needed

Technical parameters:

1.Range of application: the blast furnace tuyere monitoring
2.Environment temperature: <100℃ 
3.Gas supply requirement:(LM-FKTV-01)
4.Clean nitrogen:inlet diameter 4”,pressure 0.2kg,rate of flow:0.2M³/min,inlet temperature ≤35℃
5.Power supply requirement:220VAC50Hz, power dissipation:20W 
6.Lens parameters:straight form high temperature pinhole lens,front-end aperture diameterφ1.6mm,viewing angle (diagonal line)4°
7.Image parameters:color camera 1/3 CCD,

8. Resolution: Not less than 2.0 million

9. noise-signal ratio:≥56db 
10. Color filter device: can choose red, yellow to filter or panchromatic filtration

Image sensor:

2.Image sensor: 1/3 inch CCD image sensor
3.Total pixel:795(H)*596(V)

4.Synchronization mode: internal synchronization
5.Scanning system: 2:1 interlaced scanning
6.Video output: synthesis: 1.0 V (P - P), 75 Ω, imbalance
7.Resolution: no less than 2 megapixels
8.Minimum illumination: 0.02 lx.f1.2
9.White Balance: ATW(Color Rolling Less), PWB
10.Automatic gain control: ON 0~38dB
11.Automatic gain control: OFF 0dB
12.Image accuracy: 100IRE(ON) / 75IRE(OFF)
13. Video /DC (EIAJ Arrangement, Auto-SELECT)
14. Backlight compensation: on/off
15. White defect correction: up to 32 pixels
16. Power supply voltage: DC 12V±10%
17. Power consumption: 1.74W (145mA)
18. Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃ (no frosting)
19. Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃ (no frosting)
20. Working/storage humidity: less than 95% RH
21. Lens interface: CS interface (rear focal length adjustable)
22. Weight: about 90 grams


1. Pinhole lens: Φ 20 x 130 mm
2. Pinhole diameter: 1.6 mm Φ
3. Field of view: Angle of view (diagonal)4°
4. Front end high temperature resistance parameters: front end sapphire lens group, high  temperature resistance 300℃