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Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system
Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system
Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system
Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system

Product name:

Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system

Product model:



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Product introduction:

1.Automatic type in furnace, suitable for all kinds of high temperature kilns
2.Suitable for furnace with wall thickness around 500mm.
3.The probe cover is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

4.Special spiral air curtain design, the lens does not accumulate dust.

5.Special air-water cooling design enables the equipment to be used normally under various harsh conditions.

6.Sapphire heat resistant lens.
7.The probe hood automatically enters/exits.
8. Imported motor, good reliability.
9. In case of any accident in cooling water/gas and power supply, the probe cap will be automatically withdrawn to control the advance and retreat of the equipment in the central control room/field.

10.PLC program control DCS software control camera menu and aperture
11.The front end adopts 800MM high temperature resistant optical pinhole lens
12.27 times optical zoom (3.6-78) integrated camera

Main function Probe will exit:

1.Temperature of the hood rises above 50°C (specified levels).
2.Compressed air input air pressure below 0.3MPa.
3. Probe hood cooling water input flow is less than 0.2M³/h.
4. The power is cut off.
5. The control room or control device of project site send out exit signal.
6.Alarm signal can be connected to the DCS.

Technical parameters:

2.Zoom:(electronic zoom3.6-78 ) 27 x optical zoom
3.Exit distance:550mm
4.Angle of view:17°-81° focus or zoom
5.Lens aperture: electric remote control or manual control
6.Signal Noise Ratio:56db
7.Colour filter device: can choose red, yellow to filter or panchromatic filtration

Compressed air:

1.Total intake pipe: G1”
2.Connecting pipe: 4-G1/2”(increase stop valve)
3.Inlet pressure: 0.3MPa~0.7MPa
4.Inlet temperature: ≤35°C
5.Minimum flow: 0.3M³/min

Cooling water:

1.Total intake pipe: G3/4”
2.Connecting pipe: 2-G1/2”(increase stop valve)
3.Inlet pressure: 0.2~0.5MPa
4.Minimum flow: 0.8M³/h
5.Inlet temperature: ≤35°C

Working condition temperature:
A. Automatic exit device: -20℃ ~ 100℃

B. Control device: -5℃ ~ 75℃

C. Temperature in furnace: ≤1800℃


A. Automatic exit device: 1500×400×305mm

B. Field control box: 500×700×200mm (W*H*D)