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Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system
Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system
Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system
Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system

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Heating furnace high temperature industrial TV system

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Hot blast furnace is the heating blast blast furnace blast blast equipment is an indispensable part of the modern blast furnace. Modern blast furnace. Adopt regenerator type hot blast furnace, its working principle is to burn gas first, heat the grid brick of regenerator room with the flue gas that produces, the cold air that blows air station to send again undertakes heating through red-hot grid brick. The hot blast furnace burns and sends air alternately so that the high temperature hot air can be obtained continuously. The temperature of the vault is necessary for safe and accurate operation of the furnace Important data.


1. The temperature of the traditional hot air furnace is measured by the thermocouple, which adopts the prefabricated platinum-rhodium-platinum thermocouple or double platinum Rhodium thermocouple, which indirectly controls the hot air temperature by measuring the temperature of the vault insulation wall.

2. Refractory lining of hot blast furnace works in very harsh conditions under high temperature and high pressure environment. The thermocouple pair USES a ring. The requirements of the environment and the limitations of its own structure, in the case of frequent temperature changes and large pressure fluctuations, resulted in thermocouples. The temperature measurement is not accurate, the reaction lags behind, cannot accurately reaction furnace temperature change.

3. The thermocouple long-term work in the high temperature area 1200℃ ~ 1300℃, the ambient temperature of the thermocouple junction box is also up to high. From 100 ℃ to 120℃, the service life of electric couple is very short, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. Increased usage costs and maintenance The workload.

4. In order to overcome the above shortcomings, the infrared temperature measuring system for the dome of the hot air furnace designed and produced by our company can be well solved. The above problems can ensure the infrared temperature measuring system to work reliably in the complex environment.

5. Our company has developed a two-color infrared thermometer suitable for the application of hot air furnace in metallurgical industry. set
The meter is equipped with a special protective device with a sealed isolation window. The main device is connected with flange
Can be easily connected to the vault.


The infrared thermometer determines the hot air temperature by measuring the temperature of the lattice brick. The output of the infrared thermometer corresponds to the temperature. The 4-20 m A current signal is processed by the computer or recorder. The two-color infrared thermometer can reduce the emissivity difference, the dust, water vapor and fog on the measuring site, the change of distance and the object being partially shielded, and other factors, to the measured temperature. The influence of. Increases system reliability and reduces user maintenance.


Technical parameters:

1.Temperature measurement range: 600℃ ~ 1600℃

2.Detector: Si/Si (laminated silicon)
3.Working wavelength: 1 (0.7 ~ 1.08) m, 2:1.08 m
4.Main applications: hot air furnace, hot rolling, wire bar, metal forging, casting, induction heating, melting glass, cement kiln, semiconductor

5.Distance coefficient: 60:1
6.Measuring distance: adjustable from 0.35m to infinity
7.Measurement accuracy: ±0.5% TM ℃ (TM is the upper limit of temperature measurement range)

8.Resolution: 0.1℃

9.Repeat accuracy: ±2℃
10.Two-color coefficient: 0.850 ~ 1.150, step spacing 0.001 adjustable.
11.Response time: the fastest 10ms, adjustable
12.Analog output 4mA ~ 20mA

13. Alarm output: upper limit and lower limit alarm output
14.RS485 output can achieve parameter modification, data recording and query and other functions
15.Power supply: DC24V, with over voltage, over current and short circuit protection, power consumption: 5W (24V@200mA)

16.Preheating time: built-in constant temperature heater, temperature measurement after 10min power on
17.Aiming method: aiming with eyepiece
18.Interface: Binder sealed plug and 12-core high temperature shielded cable (length: 2.5m)

19.without water cooling: -30℃ ~ +55℃; purge pressure: 0.1mpa; flow rate: 6L/ min
20.Cooling with water: -30℃ ~ +120℃, cooling water pressure is 0.2mpa, flow rate is 2L/min

21. protection grade: IP65