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Card neck water bag water level monitoring system
Card neck water bag water level monitoring system
Card neck water bag water level monitoring system
Card neck water bag water level monitoring system

Product name:

Card neck water bag water level monitoring system

Product model:



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Brief introduction of function and manufacturing process:

Through the use of deep block water bag, the clarification temperature of the glass liquid can be increased, the clarification time can be prolonged, the clarification effect can be improved, the glass defects such as bubbles can be reduced, and the quality of the glass can be improved.In traditional glass melting kilns, the gag water bale is made of round steel tube and is relatively shallow. The water bale used before is also shallow water bale, which is made of round steel tube with a diameter of 76mm and a depth of 160mm.With the continuous updating of glass technology and the shortage of energy, the deep neck water bag is born.The deep plunger is inserted deeper than the normal plunger and is welded with a rectangular seamless steel tube across the center of the plunger.The welded stainless steel works at high temperature for a long time through water circulation to monitor whether the water bag leaks, so that it can work safely in high temperature glass liquid for a long time, hd monitoring system plays a crucial role.

Product introduce:

1. The probe cap can be inserted into the neck for about 1 meter

2. Observe the movement direction of the workpiece through the wide-angle to high-temperature zoom pinhole lens, more intuitively and comprehensively reflect the specific situation of the neck water wrapped in the furnace

3. The probe cover is made of stainless steel with good temperature/corrosion resistance

4. Special dust proof design, the lens is not easy to accumulate dust

5. Special water cooling design for normal use under poor water quality conditions

6. The self-developed and produced high-temperature pinhole zoom lens has a horizontal resolution of more than 2 million pixels and can withstand temperature of 350 degrees without cooling.

7. Manual zoom high temperature pinhole lens can be selected to meet the observation requirements of different kilns and different production processes.

Technical parameters:

1.Lens resolution: horizontal resolution greater than 2 megapixels

2.Lens variable focal length: Continuously adjustable F4-F20

Compressed air:

A.The total intake pipe is G3/4"

B.Connecting pipe mouth: 3-G1/2"; (Add globe valve)

C. Inlet pressure: 0.3mpa ~ 0.7mpa

D.Inlet temperature: ≤35℃

E.Minimum flow: 0.45 m3 /min

Cooling water:

A.Main intake pipe G3/4”

B.Connecting pipe 2-G1/2”

C.Entrance pressure:0.2Mpa~0.5Mpa

D.Minimum flow :30L/min

E.Inlet temperature:≤35℃

Working Environment temperature:

A.Field control cabinet:-20℃~75℃

B. Furnace temperature:≤1800℃(Continuous use)


A. Probe cover: 89mm in diameter, 500mm~1M in length (see figure)

B.Field control box: 300×400×200mm (width * height * thickness)