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Temperature measuring industrial television system
Temperature measuring industrial television system
Temperature measuring industrial television system
Temperature measuring industrial television system

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Temperature measuring industrial television system

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Product introduction:

The temperature-measuring type of high temperature ignition TV is equipped with two cameras respectively. One HIGH-DEFINITION camera is used to observe the real-time image in the kiln, and the other infrared camera is used to measure the temperature in the kiln. At the same time, there are temperature measuring components installed, in the kiln abnormal, sudden power cut, the temperature is too high, the measuring camera automatically quit the kiln when the gas is cut off, to protect the fire industry TV safety, power, ventilation and camera temperature is normal after the automatic control into the kiln. Lm-nz500c endoscope temperature type high temperature industrial TV system adopts dual optical path system structure, combines color CCD and near infrared CCD, and utilizes imaging technology of high-performance color and near infrared CCD to develop "full field real-time monitoring system of workpiece surface temperature in furnace based on color and near infrared CCD".

Main Technical features

The system can automatically and quickly detect the workpiece position and material surface temperature in the industrial furnace without the influence of the detection distance.It is of great significance to optimize the process control of cement rotary kiln, improve the product quality, save energy and reduce consumption, and produce safely.Play the role of control - energy conservation, emission reduction and efficiency enhancement.Temperature measuring industrial TV adopts far infrared camera, computer system and traditional high temperature industrial TV. The system can display the temperature at any 16 points in the monitoring picture.Traditional video output and thermal image output coexist, ±2% temperature measurement accuracy, optional 4-20mA output, monitoring area temperature rise or fall alarm.

The system adopts PLC control technology to automatically control the entry and exit of the camera and lens. In case of problems in the system power supply, compressed air supply and when the temperature inside the probe cover exceeds the range, the mechanism can be automatically withdrawn from the furnace, playing an automatic protection role for the equipment.

Temperature measuring type high-temperature industrial television for changzhou Lu Ming production, a complete set of equipment includes camera some protection device, actuator device, control cabinet, the gas field components bellows, optical fiber and cable, precision oil and water filter, control of converter and control box, computer host (including the temperature measuring software), printer, monitor, etc.Equipment installation is simple. Each set of equipment only needs 3 days of on-site debugging training.

The simple application software of the temperature measuring type high temperature industrial TV system directly displays the picture and temperature of unlimited points and areas measured in real time on the screen.Individual or organizational alerts provide immediate information.Thermal profile, image memory, differential temperatures, real-time and historical data trends and high temperature points and more.

Temperature measuring type high temperature industrial TV system is an infrared digital electronic coupling camera that can be installed in 400mm wall casing installed in the kiln has a fault prevention device.The electronic temperature measuring element and electronic coupled imaging technology are transmitted to the central control through error-free digital transmission system, which can transmit up to 25km.High-definition video combined with unique 60Hz full imaging technology can monitor the operation and quality of fuel and products in real time and detect real-time temperature, thus ensuring accurate and safe operation of the kiln.

Product Parameter:

Applicable to furnace with a wall thickness of about 500mm, a wide range of viewing Angle.  Ambient temperature: Temperature in the furnace ≤2000℃, control system ≤70℃ Automatic exit device: Automatic exit function. When power failure, gas stop, over temperature, and water pressure is low, the probe can automatically return from the furnace exit device with a stroke of 500mm, and manually enter the exit function

Control device: PLC programmable control, 8 inputs, 4 outputs, two levels of control, can achieve the on-site central control operation of two places of power supply requirements: power supply voltage AC220V±10%, power supply frequency 50Hz

Air supply requirements: inlet pressure of compressed air is 0.3~ 0.7mpa

Inlet temperature of compressed air ≤35℃, minimum flow rate of compressed air 0.3m /min

Image index: resolution 2 million pixels SIGN al-to-noise ratio 56dB

Visual field Angle: random configuration is 17°~81C°

Temperature measurement: Temperature measurement range 700°~1800°

Temperature measuring points: 16 temperature measuring points are optional on the screen. Optional cable configuration:

Power cable AVV3×1, network cable At6, control cable AVPV6×0.5

Cooling air requirements for substrates: Flow rate 300L/min

Scroll cooling tube: When the inlet of compressed air is greater than 0.35MP, the outlet temperature difference of compressed air is 23°C

Installation distance: the maximum distance from the control device to the automatic exit device is 20M, and the maximum distance from the central control room to the site is 25KM