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Kiln repair portable endoscope
Kiln repair portable endoscope
Kiln repair portable endoscope
Kiln repair portable endoscope

Product name:

Kiln repair portable endoscope

Product model:



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Product introduction:

The system is used to monitor the condition of the dense wall in the glass furnace and can clearly observe the damage and corrosion of the glass furnace wall and the collapse of the window wall. The system adopts the most advanced CCD camera in the world and is equipped with special industrial monitor to make the image more clear and stable. The system adopts the special air-water double-cooling protective cover developed by our company to make the camera work safely and reliably for a long time in glass melting furnace with high temperature and serious dust pollution.

1.The 1/3 CCD's advanced video sensor provides clear images

2.The camera offers multiple Settings, including AGC, electronic shutter, and high temperature lens with adjustable aperture

3.The equipment is light in weight and has good operability, which makes it suitable for mobile industrial applications

4.It is widely used in glass, glass fiber, glass container, steel, metallurgy, cement, power plant, waste incineration, petrochemical and other kiln testing

5.The diameter of the inner peeping head is very small, and it can rotate in large space to observe different directions

6.Multi-angle (direct vision, 60-degree, 90-degree multi-mode observation)

7.Full optical system, can withstand 2000℃ high temperature
8.Hand-held portable, easy to carry.
9.Using hd imaging system, a variety of filter optional, image clear, viewing distance, and adjustable optical focal length

Length:Standard 0.5 meters to 1.5meters(can customize according to the site)

Diameter:Standard 40 millimetre to 60 millimetre

(can customize according to the site)


1.Customer option

2.It can withstand the ambient temperature below 2000℃

Inlet pressure:


Air demand: 

1.Clean instrument gas

2. Air temperature: ≤30℃

3. Influent flow ≥400L/h

Water demand: 

1. Clean running water

2. Water temperature: ≤30℃

Observation angle: 

Direct vision /60°/90° (customized according to site conditions)